Baby Shower

Celebrate the joy of a new addition to the family with our baby shower packages! Choose from our range of Cheesecups packages, Cheesecake Jars Packages and more. You can customise the baby full month packages with your choice of Cheesecups, Cheesecake Jars, and a range of traditional as well as contemporary baby shower favours. Furthermore, personalise the packages with complimentary toppers and jar stickers. Baby announcement cards with a thank you message or your baby’s details can also be added on at $1 each.
Visit our facebook or menu page  for more pictures and information or drop us an email for our baby shower brochure. Gift vouchers are available and we also provide dessert table services for baby showers in Singapore, see below for more details on our dessert table services.
Kindly note that a minimum order of 10 identical packages is required for packages with traditional favours and to enjoy package prices for all packages.
Baby Shower Full Month Cheesecups Package D BAC Traditional
Cheesecups Packages

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Dessert Tables & Events

Jara Petit Cheesecups, Cheesecake Jars and Mini Whole Cheesecakes are excellent as gifts, and perfect as desserts to have at any celebrations or events. They can be customised with specially handmade paper toppers or personalised stickers and make unique gift favours.
We also provide affordable dessert table set-ups for special occasions like weddings, baby showers and birthday parties. Sweets and yummy desserts are a must have at all parties, and nicely decorated dessert tables make fantastic photo corners. Jara Petit’s dessert table set-ups are personalised, simple yet sophisticated and complete with our delicious cheesecake desserts.  Visit our facebook page for photos of our dessert table set-ups and menu page for more options and information.